Brennen Bliss

Brennen Bliss is the 19-year-old founder and director of the marketing agency, PixelCutLabs. From making websites and apps at age 13 for family and friends in his bedroom to partnering with organizations like the College Football Playoffs a few years later, Brennen has truly bootstrapped a company that is now recognized by UpCity as one of the top 10 marketing agencies in the United States, and the #4 social media marketing company in The States.

While still running his company, Brennen consults with organizations across the United States, helping them build marketing campaigns to reach young audiences thanks to his unique position as a member of Gen Z. Additionally, he dedicates his time and energy to promoting young entrepreneurship by coaching and supporting young entrepreneurs and sharing his story with audiences across the world.

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Advocate

Young Entrepreneur

Brennen started his first company as early as age 8. Later, he went on to building the nationally-recognized marketing agency he spends most of his time contributing to today. He also travels across the United States, consulting with organizations on how they can reach younger audiences through social media.

Public Speaker

Brennen speaks at events in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. As a keynote speaker, Brennen has shared his story, covered topics related to bullying, and has motivated students, young founders, and entrepreneurs. He also has spoken at company conferences and retreats on his inspiring story.


In addition to the time he spends mentoring and coaching young entrepreneurs through organizations like The Diamond Challenge and LaunchX, Brennen acts as an advocate for teenage mental health and he speaks out against bullying through partnerships with various organizations.

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